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Filmmaking and photography

Production company based in Copenhagen

Kinnunenfilm is a film production company based in Copenhagen founded by Alexander Kinnunen. The aim of Kinnunenfilm is to tell compelling stories with beautiful visuals.

I only take on work that I believe in. I believe that if I can fall in love with your music or product, I can make your audience or future customers do the same.
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Portraits, products, music, events, nature, behind the scenes, artists, landscapes, weddings, people, travel and much more.

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Video projects

Music videos, commercials, short films, album promotion videoes, Kickstarters, concerts, documentaries…

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About Kinnunenfilm

My name is Alexander Kinnunen and Kinnunenfilm is my company specializing in photo and video storytelling in all kinds of occasions.

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Film & photo for all media and audiences


Ethiopia is one of the very few countries in Africa that never got successfully colonized. That makes for a very special and inherently original African culture, and mixed with the country’s wild topography (most of the country is above 2000+ meters in...
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October in Denmark

October is a beautiful month in Denmark. These are shots from around Copenhagen and...
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Italy 2016

A quick trip to Bergamo, Milano and Lake...
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Japan 2016 / silence and noise

Visiting Japan was an old dream come true. Never before have I visited a country where silence lives so close to noise. It truly feels special when the platform is empty for a second between trains or you take a turn from the main street to find yourself alone –...
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