Kinnunenfilm is a film production company based in Copenhagen founded by Alexander Kinnunen.

The aim of Kinnunenfilm is to tell compelling stories with beautiful visuals.

I only take on work that I believe in. I believe that if I can fall in love with your music if you want a music video or fall in love with your product if you want a commercial, I can make your audience or future customers do the same.

Send me a few words about your project and goals along with some material and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with my thoughts on collaborating.

Alexander Kinnunen
For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the lack of borders you have when you create a story. There are no limits and nothing is unimaginable.

That is, until you want to put it into 16:9 format and need real people and real locations.

Once a medium seemingly without limits meets the harsh reality of reality, a very interesting thing seems to appear: Creativity.

What once seemed only possible in fantasy now becomes possible. The angle of the camera, the props, the sound and the visual effects can all add up to make our reality into fantasy – and even though we are all aware of this fact, we have no problem losing ourselves to the story when we sit down and enjoy a good film.

“A film is difficult to explain because it is easy to understand.” – Christian Metz

That is what I enjoy about making films. That magic is magic as long as we believe in it, and that the rabbit in fact did not exist until the magician pulled it out of his hat.

Film is more than a means of entertainment. It is a way of being, a way of seeing, and more than anything, it is a way of understanding ourselves and the world around us.

Travel videos
When my girlfriend Victoria and I are travelling, we often produce travel videos.

See all of our travel videos on Northabroad or on our Youtube channel.