100 metres – a running tale

A short by Alexander Kinnunen about a boy who didn’t like to run – but found himself on the track anyway, with no other opponent than himself.

I never really liked running
It’s tough
It’s cold outside
It’s boring
I don’t have the time
I’m too tired
Life’s too short

I remember the first time I went running with my dad
We ran around the lakes in Copenhagen, and I thought I would die
Like, really die

The air felt like knives piercing my lungs
and my legs felt like they would break each time I took a step

I was so angry at him for taking me with him
And for believing in me

But I kept going

“Just one more lap”, he said
So one more lap we ran

And then, on a beautiful day, I ran… all by myself
Woke up early, put my trainers on, and ran

It was still tough
And I always think that it will be

But I see no other option


Published on: January 25, 2013

Location: Østerbro, Copenhagen

Music by: The Time To Run (Finale) (Dexter Britain) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Short film by: Alexander Kinnunen