MC Ollie feat. Eco – D’Angleterre

The song is about girls who only want to go home with a guy if he gets her the luxury penthouse at D’Angleterre, a famous luxury hotel in the center of Copenhagen. But MC Ollie and Eco won’t bite – as you’ll clearly see in the video.

Set in locations such as a parking lot, a launderette, a club and in front of a chinese grill shop, we follow the men and their homies through a typical night out with lots of beautiful women as well as total chill-out and feel good summer vibes. All with typical rap/hip-hop attitudes, of course.


Published on: May 13, 2015

Location: Copenhagen

Starring: Oliver Uldall Bøttner, Bille Albrectsen, Victor Emmanuel Vernal, Adam Vest-Hansen & Zubair Naim

Directed, shot and edited by: Alexander Kinnunen

With special thanks to: Anders Heis Carlsen