We view the neon-lit Copenhagen at night through the eyes of two agent-looking men who do surveillance on an investment banker, pick up a bomb from an old gangster boss in a wheel chair in a parking lot and end up blowing out the banker’s front door with it.

“Glimtefunk” is the title song of the EP with the same name and best translates into “sparkle funk” or “bling bling funk” – a mixture of modern hip hop and old school funk.


Published on: March 10, 2014

Location: Copenhagen & Malmö

Camera and DP: Rasmus Kongsgaard

Music production: Malte Milner Find (Spinstone Productions)

Direction and video post-production: Alexander Kinnunen

Michael: Julian Christian Thiesgaard Kellerman
Au-pair: Maja Emilie Grønvold
Le boss: Rasmus Bibow
Secretary #1: Mia Sennenwald
Secretary #2: Thea Iven Ulstrup

With special thanks to: Lars Nyström, Erik Tindgard Lauridsen, Susanne Jensen, Nikolaj Jensen & Victoria Handskemager Wagner