It’s sunday afternoon and Christopher and Sofie meet up on a bench in the local park. She was supposed to come by his place last friday night, but never picked up the phone when he called her.

I think that many people can relate to a relationship where the rules have yet to be written, but still feels broken – at least for one person.

“Mødet” (The Meeting) is a 3 minute dialogue based reflection over just that. Because how are you supposed to react if you can’t really get mad?

I used a 100mm macro lens for the close-ups to show the tight space they are sitting in – even though they look like they are almost alone in an open place in the park. I then cut out to a wider angle to show the empty space between them.

In the composition where Christopher is in focus, Sofie takes up more of the frame because she carries the burden of her actions. In the shots where she is in focus, she also looks like she stands alone and is withdrawn from him.

As he ends up in power he is taller than her in the composition and takes control when he both arrives latest and leaves her in the end.


Published on: January 15, 2015

Location: Copenhagen

Starring: Julian Thiesgaard Kellermann & Thea Iven Ulstrup

Shot and edited by: Alexander Kinnunen