Kinnu & Milly – På Top

In the music video for “På Top” (On Top), Kinnu & Milly get dragged into the musical universe they just created themselves after producing a song in the studio. The party then quickly spirals out of control – heavily fueled by lots of trap snares and drug overdoses.


Published on: March 23, 2015

Location: Copenhagen

Music production by: Malte Milner Find

Starring: Randa Elrefai, Juliane Handskemager Wagner, Betina-Munin Kyvsgaard, Jonas Rudolf Ehbrecht, Clara Drenck, Victoria Handskemager Wagner, Thea Iven Ulstrup, Maja Iven Ulstrup, Rasmus Bibow, Mark Rhodes Nørgaard, Nikolaj Jensen, Christian Hasselstrøm & Maria Lund

DP: Rasmus Kongsgaard

Direction and video post-production by: Alexander Kinnunen